Roma 81DC+ / 81DC Digital Integrated






Roma 81DC+ / 81DC   High power digital integrated stereo amplifier

Synthesis is set to release a new solid state integrated stereo amplifier ROMA81DC+.

The sound is complete, airy, dynamic, lively, and incredibly musical. The purity of human voices and accuracy of instruments is breathtaking. 

The Roma81DC+ with its 450W for each channel provides a fast, dynamic presentation without the dryness and sterility of other Class D designs. This is due to the particular configuration of the input stage and the natural sound it develops. Resolution, transparency and detailed sound are above and beyond that which one would expect from an amplifier. The Roma 81DC+ has USB “B” type, DSD 5,6MHz and optical input. 32Bit resolution gives you a fantastic sound stage and beautiful sound reproduction. The Phono Stage combines exceptional sound quality and unique features.



  • Inputs (81DC/81DC+): 2 Line 1 Phono (MM/MC high impedance)
  • Dig. inputs (81DC+): 1 Optical Toslink, 1 USB “B” type Windows / Mac / iOs / Android compatible
  • Max resol. (81DC+): 24Bit 192KHz (Optical) 32Bit 384KHz (USB) DSD up to 5,6 Mhz (USB)
  • Power output (each ch): 250W (8ohm) - 450W (4ohm)
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz +-0 dB
  • Pre output: Volume controlled
  • Sensivity: 200mV for max power
  • Signal/Noise ratio: >90dB (A-weight)
  • Remote control: included
  • Power consumption: 1000W max
  • Dimensions: (w,d,h) 410x39
  • Weight: 8 Kg


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