A100 TITAN Integrated



A100Titan   100W Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Two models of stereo tube amplifiers with DAC's on board, guaranteeing exceptional sonic performance from any digital source. Made with the finest materials & advanced technology, this series is a sophisticated blend of research & experience. Designed without compromise for a rich sound & faithful music reproduction. 

The A100Titan provides a minimum of 200 watts (100W per channel), power output from 8, KT66's in Ultra-Linear (UL) - push/pull operation. 
The A100Titan features a newly designed custom output transformer resulting in a rich sound stage but with an authority that belies its 100Wpc.



USB & S/PDIF input 
For the first time we include an onboard 24Bit 192KHz Wolfson DAC for a extraordinary listening experience. 

DC Powered tube heater 
All tubes, except KT66, have DC stabilised heater circuits to reduce hum noise to a near in-audible minimum. 

Output transformer 
The Output transformer uses a Hi-Grade Iron-Silicon for superb frequency reproduction & width. With this newly designed custom output transformer unique to the A100Titan we are able to achieving a highly delicate & precise sound reproduction faithful to the original recording. 

Mechanical chassis construction 
The power supply & output transformers are held by an extremely rigid “H” structure that keeps the unit free from unwanted vibrations which further helps reduce unwanted noise to the tubes. 

Remote control 
Featuring a superb CNC machined case it has a soft button design, perfectly matching the aesthetics for the “ACTION” series. 

Four CNC machined aluminium feet with an insert of natural rubber. The depth & form of these rubber feet has been calculated to minimise vibrations of the amplifier in isolation from its surroundings. 

Binding posts 
Gold plated professional binding posts for a continued oxidisation free connection further improve sound refinement.

Gold plated ceramic sockets for a continued oxidisation free connection further improve sound refinement.

Components for the A100Titan have been selected with great care throughout. Only the best available components are considered & all must undergo an exhaustive analysis of their sonic influence prior to final selection. 

Selected tubes 
All tubes used are selected after 2 stage warm up. A fully computer monitored machine controls the process & at the end of this, selects the perfect tubes which are then matched for a perfect balance.



  • Power stage (1 ch.): 4 X KT66
  • Driver ( 1 ch ): 12BH7

  • Input stage (1 ch.): ECC83/12AX7

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz +- 0.5dB

  • Input impedance: 50Kohm

  • Input sensitivity: 200mV / 100W

  • Output impedance: 6 ohm

  • Power stage config.: Ultralinear 43% tap

  • Power output: 100W RMS into 6 ohm each channel AB1 Class

  • Signal/Noise ratio: >90dB, A weighted
  • Controls
    Front: Power switch, soft button switch selector, volume knob IR receiver
    Rear: RCA gold plated connectors, power connectors, power plug, USB input, Binding post
  • Inputs: CDP, DVD, RADIO, SAT, USB, DGT.

  • Outputs: Pre Out (Volume controlled)

  • Finish: Steel

  • Power consumption: 450W

  • Dimensions ( w,d,h): 420 x 450 x 260mm

  • Weight: 40kg

    Digital stage

  • Compatible format: PCM Stereo 32-192KHz

  • Input: USB (PC-Mac), S/PDIF

  • Unsampling: 192KHz / 24Bit

  • D/A converter: Dual Mono 2 x Wolfson WM8740

  • Output stage: NJM2114L Op-Amp

  • Analogue Output: 1V RMS

  • Signal / Noise ratio: >90dB, A weighted


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