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The Aurora MK3 turntable follows in the steps of it's award winning predecessors but with improved looks and significantly increased performance. Remarkably, it offers true high end performance at an extraordinarily low price point, comfortably outperforming many expensive decks, even when fitted with inexpensive tone arms and cartridges.
Performance hallmarks are superb transparency, coherent timing, tangible sound staging and imaging. The Aurora's inherent musicality and system friendly tonal balance guarantees many years of listening pleasure.
Arm Mount - The deck includes an arm mounting to fit all Origin Live 240mm (9.5") arms. For full details on other arms that will fit please see link "What arms fit ". A mounting option to fit 12" arms is also available in the order options, but this is not in addition - it is an "either" "or" choice. You can change over to a 12" option at a later date but there is a considerable saving if you order it with the deck in the first place.
Superb Styling & Looks: Sculpted in stylish curves with a black polished finish that will be an eyecatcher in most surroundings.
High Grade Parts
Platter made of propritery material reducing internal stress and giving greater purity to the sound.
Very high precision bearing running on special oil film.
Highly rigid sub-chassis exibiting low resonance due to its unique, centre point support arrangement.
Ironless DC motor design with no 'cogging' effect.
Record Player Power Supply
Speed control is easily electronically switched between 33rpm and 45 rpm (78rpm is also available on request). The regulated power supply is load compensating and very low noise which adds to smooth motor rotation.
Setting up: There is nothing to go "out of tune" on the Aurora. The deck is a non suspended design and simple to set up for years of fuss free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient with open access to the underside of the armboard.
Dimensions & Weight: 450mm wide, 380mm deep, 130mm height. Weight 10.5kg


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