MD-105T Tube Tuner

MD-105T Tube Tuner
Another new FM tuner for 2010, the MD 105 is built off the platform of our now discontinued MD 102 FM tuner, with a selection of component upgrades throughout the unit. Built with RF components that are produced to even tighter tolerances than in the discontinued MD 102, the 105 also features capacitor upgrades and a more stable power supply, along with the same solid stage amplification stage proven through year's of testing in the 102.
With improving RF transmission equipment around the world, this tuner, with its distinctive audio stage, allows you to experience FM as it was intended, with the full emotion and zeal with which the music was originally recorded. It is pure, unaltered, source audio. The MD 102 uses our proven RF design and includes a collection of improvements to our audio staging.
This includes our unrelenting focus on a complete grounding circuit to eliminate any unwanted stray signals, and most importantly, a zero feedback design in the audio stage, ensuring the waveform is unaltered through the output circuit. It is a truly high-performance product, worthy of inclusion in any audiophile's audio system. The following is a list of the MD 105's impressive design features: 
RF & Audio Stage Dseign Featrues
  • Tunable five stage ANALOG front end: Five stages of RF filtration with upgraded components matched to tighter specifications, providing station separation without affecting stereo separation. As always, the front end is a custom designed and manufactured in-house design.
  • Multiple Bandwidth Settings: The MD 105T offers both Ultra Wide and Narrow IF Bandwidth settings to produce the best SOUND where adjacent channel interference is, or is not a factor.
  • Dual AGC (automatic gain control) stage: This automatic circuit design eliminates the need for a local and distant switch, altering the amount of relative gain that's added to the incoming signal.
  • Auto Blend RF Circuit: Automatically monitors and adjusts stereo separation to maximize "stereo quieting", insuring the quietest stereo signal as possible. This greatly eliminates background noise.
  • Precision tunable matched IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers: ensures consistent specifications for adjacent channel separation, alternate channel separation and low distortion
  • Precision Voltage Stabilizers in the Power Supply: Ensures precise tuning of the incoming RF signal
  • Defeatable Mute: Eliminates any interstation noise while tuning
  • Analog Meters: Functional and easy-to-read multipath/signal strength measurements
  • Fully shielded RF section-eliminates any interference from stray signals MD Reference 6922 Vacuum Tubes: Included in the audio amplification stage, our 6922 MD Reference Tubes are designed to our exacting standards and tested individually for specifications.
  • .093 Thick Printed Circuit Board: A solid footing to minimizes any residual vibration in the chassis to allow all components to operate at peak performance. Further, all contact points are generously gold plated to ensure complete signal transfer over the long haul.
  • Balanced Output with Gold Plated Neutrik Connectors: Fully complimentary circuit insures a perfectly balanced signal, and exact dimensions ensure maximum conductivity.
  • Shielded Torroidal Transformer: Coupled with a high grade aluminum chassis and upgraded from the 102T, the device is completely shielded from stray signals and transient noises. The high-grade custom designed transformer reduces the overall noise floor of the tuner.
  • AudioCap Capacitors: With Oxygen-free copper leads that are generously gold-plated, these polypropylene dialectric capacitors help preserve the integrity of the original signal.
  • RCA Output Connectors: New low tolerance connectors have been added made of highly ductile "OFC" copper, with 24-carat gold plating. This ensures solid contact for all interconnects.
  • Ultra Linear Capacitors in the Power Supply: Provides a pure source of DC power, and improves the frequency response of the tuner
  • Kimber Hyper-Pure Copper Wiring: High grade internal wiring provides a clean, uncolored path for the signal through the audio stage of the unit.
  • Burr Brown Op Amps with Black Gate Capacitors: Proven performance from industry leading suppliers with zero degradation over the long haul
Why Analog ?
Many people question why we are one of the only companies that continue to build a truly ANALOG FM tuner and ANALOG remote control. The answer is very simple. The best SOUND can only be produced when the signal received by the tuner is tuned and maintained in the ANALOG domain. By maintaining the signal in the ANALOG domain the customer has infinite tuning across the FM band; this is achieved by the use of a knob instead of the pushbutton step function tuning offered by a digital tuner.
Because of our design and manufacturing process, the front end and the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers are precision aligned, which guarantees that all specifications are met all the time; this is not possible in a digitally tuned tuner, as they are dependent on the tolerances of the components. By calibrating and aligning the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers we are optimizing SOUND, SENSITIVITY and SELECTIVITY. 


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