MD-100 Tuner

MD-100 Tuner
The MD-100, surmising over 20 years of experience in the design of FM tuning technology, offers not only a new reference in terms of sonic realism, but also yields the utmost in flexibility through our optional FTR (internal remote interface system) and standard balanced audio outputs. 
The MD-100 is the third addition to our renowned MD series of products. Our custom made 4-stage RF front end is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets. Additional support is given through our custom Auto Blend RF circuit, which constantly monitors and varies your stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions. 
Features & Benefits
Dual, keyed automatic gain control (AGC) - Monitors and maintains program signal level and clarity, along with providing a dramatic reduction in interference from strong, local stations. 
BW 1/ BW 2 bandwidth control - Switchable to effectively control annoying sideband interference. 
Mute circuit - noise-activated with manual defeat switch. 
Auto Blend RF circuit - automatically monitors and varies stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions. 
Stereo/Mono Mode - User switchable. 
Digital frequency display - Independent frequency counter derives input from tuner's local oscillator section and displays in soft, amber 0.5" LED numerals. 
Balanced Outputs - allows Felxibility in system design 
Precision Flywheel Tuning - gives accuracy and ease of tuning. 
Specialty Capacitors in Analog Section - insures total frequency response. 
WBT unbalanced RCA output connectors - low tolerance connector made of highly ductile "OFC" copper, 24 carat gold-plated; insures a solid contact for interconnects. 
hrough the hand matching of internal IF components, the MD-100 excels in RF Selectivity and tuning Sensitivity. The MD-100 will assure you the consistency of performance you, our customer, have come to expect of Magnum Dynalab.
Why Analog ?
Many people question why we are one of the only companies that continue to build a truly ANALOG FM tuner and ANALOG remote control. The answer is very simple. The best SOUND can only be produced when the signal received by the tuner is tuned and maintained in the ANALOG domain. By maintaining the signal in the ANALOG domain the customer has infinite tuning across the FM band; this is achieved by the use of a knob instead of the pushbutton step function tuning offered by a digital tuner. Because of our design and manufacturing process, the front end and the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers are precision aligned, which guarantees that all specifications are met all the time; this is not possible in a digitally tuned tuner, as they are dependent on the tolerances of the components. 
By calibrating and aligning the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers we are optimizing SOUND, SENSITIVITY and SELECTIVITY. 


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