Contrast Solo Pro

Contrast Solo speaker system with specially designed wide range driver and port on the back panel.  The absence of crossovers and the effective work of the system allows to achieve high sensitivity and most accurate music reproduction. This system is ideal for lovers of vintage systems. 
The »Contrast Solo« speaker is equally suited for combination with single-ended triode, as well as transistor amplification. Its exact monitor sound makes this model universal for use at home and in the studio. 




Type: Passive, bookshelf
Acoustic compliment: Bass reflex, port on the back panel
Stripe number: 1
Drive Unit compliment: 1 x 5.5" wide range driver
External Dimensions, mm: 350 x 200 x 300
Power Handling, W: 80
Nominal Impedance, Ohms: 16
Sensitivity, dB (1W@1M): 98
Frequency range 40Hz - 15 000 Hz ( ±3db )
Weight (pair), kg 15.0


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