ASSISTANT 100 Integrated

Audio Valve Assistent 100 Integrated Amp
Russia’s legendary 6C33 valve is shrouded in myth – some stories true, others less so. The most interesting of these tells of a Russian MIG fighter flown by a renegade pilot, delivered into the hands of the enemy. After dismantling the jet, among many other interesting things, its new “owners” found the type 6C33 valves. It emerged that the 6C33-powered communication units were employed to maintain contact with Mother Russia in the event of a nuclear holocaust: semiconductor components – such as transistors – would not work in this scenario, as they’d be rendered useless by the nuclear explosion’s EMF.
Luckily for all of us, the 6C33 never had to prove its usefulness in that set of  circumstances
Conventional 6C33 amplifiers - constructions own in relation on the closed-circuit currents of the final tubes a typically slowly growing distortion with increasing source achievement what becomes apparent in particular in the relevant hearing area.
The following graphic arts make clear in clear way the drastic differences by the development of the distortions of the amplifiers in dependence of rising source achievements to the Assistant 100 ( red graph ).
This leads to the fact that with higher volumes the sound picture and the room drastically break down.
With the Assistant 100 this is not the case. The use of a brilliant fully automatic interactive Biasregulators for the final tubes, steers in dependence of the source achievement the closed-circuit current of the final tubes in a way after which the distortions with increasing source achievement stable and also allows to become lower.
At the same time the fantastic achievement withdrawal from roughly 2 * permits to this Bias - take-up motion 110 watts per canal with only 2 final tubes per canal what for conventional developments rather in the area of the desirable images heard.
This unique innovation of AudioValve - which we call IABR - is the Ganant for the fact that in particular in the relevant achievement area of the music hearing of the distortion of the amplifier decisively small remains / takes and the signal in a never known genuineness and without every alienation absolutely authentically sounding.
The question is not who supplied the first 6C33 amplifier, but when the correct 6C33-equipped amplifier reached the market.
At AudioValve, we believe that the time is now. And the answer to this question is the new ASSISTENT 100.
 With the global debate about and concern for ecologically sensible devices, we as a conscientious manufacturer insist on employing rational power management in our products. With the ASSISTENT 100, AudioValve achieves this ideal for the first time, without loss of musical quality – due to our “Intelligent Power Management”.
Through this system, AudioValve applies the sensible control of the standby currents in the output valves relative to the required power delivery – a completely atypical design for “normal” valve applications. As a bonus, it extends considerably the lifetime of the output tubes and helps to save energy. Thus the input and output ratio is by far better than found in orthodox designs. This improves the amplifier’s efficiency factor and – crucial in the modern era –contributes to the new ecological ideal.
 As is common to all AudioValve products, the ASSISTENT 100 boasts a variety of ingenious detail solutions, such as the performance-related fan control or the “retro”-styled analogue level display for the a delicious whiff of nostalgia. And where is nostalgia more appropriate than with valves?
 The technical and visual design of the ASSISTENT 100 consciously follows the Bauhaus style dictum of “form follows function”. This provides the ASSISTENT 100 with a soothing, harmonious visual presence, perfect for the demands of the modern time ghost.
power consumption: 500 - 800 va max., stand - by mode:300 va
power output: 110 w sinus wave - 1khz / 1% dist. / 8 ohm load, per channel
distortion 1khz / ohm:
 2 watt - 0,06 %
10 watt - 0,06%
50 watt - 0,15 %
80 watt - 0,25 % !!!
110 watt - 1 %
bandwide: - 1db / 45 khz, -3 db / 5 hz up to 60 khz
damping: 8 ohm load - 50
s/n - ratio: better 80 db


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