Contrast Soul Pro

Contrast "SOUL", leading model in the lines of the acoustic systems Contras Audio company. This a floor-standing acoustic passive system type. Contrast "SOUL" combines in itself all previous experience on creation of the acoustic systems of company. A corps and founding of the system are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), with finishing on technology "Piano lacquer ".
The front base panel, made of solid beech wood and mounted via a gasket the cork which provides vibration isolation. Thorns are executed from stainless steel with comfortable regulation system .
In a low-frequency section used resonant port with type "Nozzle of Laval" who gave:

  • more accurate linear characterization in a low-frequency range;
  • provide threshold of lower frequency;
  • provide the correct frequency shifting characteristics in the mid-zone;

For correct working system we made the necessary corrections in loud speakers and tweeters. Thus the acoustic system Contrast Audio "SOUL" is equipped by specific, inherent only to her dynamic emitters.
Possessing a high sensitiveness, the acoustic system Contrast "SOUL" is able to reproduce the valuable musical sounding at the use low power amplifiers. The acoustic system is characterized by absence of preferences at reproducing of different musical genres. The system possesses good micro and macro dynamics characteristics and high articulation of sounding in all frequency range.



Type: Passive, floor-standing
Acoustic compliment: Bass reflex, port on the back panel
Stripe number: 3
External Dimensions, mm: 990 x 200 x 323
Power Handling, W: 100
Nominal Impedance, Ohms: 4
Sensitivity, dB (1W@1M): 96
Frequency range 27Hz - 20 000 Hz ( ±3db )
Weight (pair), kg 68.0


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